Buying a Pedigree Kitten

The reasons for buying a pedigree kitten vary from fancy to fashion, from wanting a pet or a companion, to wanting to breed and show.

To choose a pedigree kitten to fulfill any of these needs, rather than a moggy, all have the same underlying motivation. You know what you are getting - after all, this is what pedigree breeding is all about - selecting a small pool of the available domestic cat genes, and subjecting them to intensive selection to ensure that all members of the breed look the same, and behave in the same way.

While many a moggy is just as delightful, as full of individual character and just as good looking as any pedigreed cat, it is the luck of the draw choosing a kitten. You may well acquire one, which though delightful as a kitten, really lives its own life as an adult, and ‘pays rent' by tolerating a pat when it comes for a be sure of what to expect, buy a pedigree kitten.