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Parquin kittens are bred primarily for health, temperament & type.

They are born and reared in our home which allows them to adapt to normal household living as much as possible before their adopted parents take them home at about 12 weeks of age.

Parquin Cattery
Parquin Cattery
Girls on the left - Boys on the right
Boys Quarters
Girls Extension
Boys Extension
Girls Quarters - inside

All kittens are de-sexed before their adoptions, unless they are going to a registered breeder.

The purchase price of a Parquin kitten includes their de-sexing, micro-chipping, first two vaccinations, worming, their registration with the NSW Cat Fanciers Association, and a full health check accompanied by a Vet Health Certificate. Also included is a comprehensive kitten starter pack which contains lots of information, food & litter samples, a sieve litter tray & other items to help your Parquin kitten settle into their new environment.

Our Queens each have a maximum of two litters per year so that they are assured of excellent health throughout each pregnancy. They are all pets to us, as well as breeding Queens, which enables us to handle their kittens, when needed, right from birth.

Ruth Thurling with Ash
Ruth with Parquin's foundation Queen 'Miracle Girl' (or Asharahni as we call her).

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Ruth Thurling
Telephone: +61 2 6585 0200
Mobile: 0417 850 200


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