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Burmese Studs

Picture of Parquin Focus on Fame
"Parquin Focus on Fame" Lilac, born 9/11/06.

Parquin Focus on Fame is our adorable Lilac Burmese stud. Focus has a very laid back attitude and is always looking for a cuddle. His kittens continue to carry on his golden eyes, short coat & classic Burmese temperament.

"Jateki Dash" Brown, born 16/9/09.

We purchased 'Dash' from a Queensland breeder, Julie Fraser, in December 2009 to enrich our breeding program. He has a rich Brown coat & beautiful golden eyes. His first litter is due September 2010.

Retired Studs

Image of Ollianda Mist
"Ambrosia Ollianda Mist"
Cream, born 14/8/04

Ambrosia Ollianda Mist was our first O' gene Stud. He had a clear coat and good strong eye colour. All his kittens have been of good type with short coats, strong eye colour and have his adorable temperament. He will be well loved in his new home.

Image of Sting

"Hartshaven Sting Lika B"
Lilac Point, born 14/05/08

Hartshaven Sting Lika B ('Sting') is a Lilac Point Siamese. He has a delightful temperament, beautiful blue eyes and a lovely sleek coat. Sting produced the most beautiful Lilac Mink & Blue Mink Tonkinese kittens. He is now enjoying his retirement.

Image of Gus
Image of Gus
"Lealjo Argus"
Seal Point, born 11/5/05

Lealjo Argus ('Gus') was bred by Mrs M.J Wright. He is a Seal Point Siamese and sires Parquin's Chocolate Mink & Brown Mink Tonkinese Kittens. As we have finished breeding Tonkinese as of the start of 2015, he will now sit back enjoy his retirement.


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